Onshore jobs

Even on dry land, Lowland has various vacancies. These are well-paid jobs, depending on the education and experience of the applicant. These can be in various locations. At this moment we supply personnel to companies such as: QHSE Managers, QHSE Officers, Technical Superintendent, Field Service Engineer, Field Service Mechanic, Mechanics and many more functions besides.

  • Senior Vessel Operator

    For one of our clients, a Tanker Owning/Operating company in The Netherlands we are looking for a Senior Vessel Operator.

    Function objectives:
    To ensure the best possible result on all voyages, which meet the requirements of the customer at the lowest possible costs and best possible income, in a manner which is safe for the vessel, its crew, the cargo and the environment.

    Superiors and subordinates:
    The Ship Operator reports to the Operations Manager.

    Job description:
    The Ship Operator shall:
    - Be fully aware of the specifications of the vessels under his operation.
    - Check for any particular business the suitability of cargoes for carriage and any physical constraints or financial effects.
    - Provisionally plan the stowage of booked or planned cargoes in compliance with all relevant regulations, vessel limitations and customer requirements.
    - Continuously be aware of the economic conditions under which the  transportation of cargo can be performed for the customer, assuring the highest possible profitability of the concluded business.
    - Ensuring full compliance with agreed Charterparty terms and conditions.
    - Instruct the Master and Port Agents with regards to voyage orders and other relevant information.
    - Ensure that the Shipping System is maintained correct, current and complete.
    - Calculate, invoice and collect freight and dead freight including any other expenses recoverable under the valid COA or Spot fixture.
    - Plan in close cooperation with the vessels Master, local Agent and vessels broker the best possible port turnaround and monitor the vessels performance in Port assuring the best possible result.

  • Claim demurrage handler

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is looking for a demurrage and claims handler with a relevant experience. You will be the primary contact for any in-house demurrage claims as well as liaising with clients, brokers, P&I clubs and others with regards to demurrage collection and claims.
    Job tasks
    - You will ultimately be responsible for managing claims on behalf of trading bench.
    - Calculation and preparation of demurrage claims/invoices in accordance with trading contracts, general terms & conditions and charter party terms.
    - Ensuring strict adherence to various contractual/charter party time bar clauses.
    - Investigation and collation of the facts and data gathered from Chartering and Operations.
    - Negotiation of disputes.
    - Provide detailed analytical assessments on a regular basis of outstanding claims/costs.
    - Handling of claims received from Clients, terminals and other trade partners (including cargo claims, short loads, dead freights and others).
    - Liaising with P&I clubs, lawyers and other 3rd parties.

  • Vessel Manager

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is looking for a Vessel Manager. The Vessel Manager is responsible for all day-to-day operational and post-fixing matters for our clients Jack-Up Barges (units). The Vessel Manager reports directly to the Operations Manager.
    Job tasks:
    - Provide tender input as requested by the Commercial Department
    - Familiarise with charter/project requirements and provide input in the unit and project preparations;
    - Issue the Project Summary overview, arrange (in coordination with the Operations Manager) Project Kick Off meetings and weekly Project Update meetings
    - Liaise with the unit on the charter/project preparations and ensure all project procedures and drawings are discussed with the Vessel Management Team before start of a project
    - Perform interdisciplinary checks on unit modifications, project specific and general installation procedures
    - Ensure adequate follow-up of problems encountered by the units offshore
    - Manage port calls and mobilisations of the units in preparation of the offshore execution and manage all onshore support to the units during execution of the offshore work or charter period (including progress reports)
    - Facilitate the constant improvement process on safety behaviour, monitor the safety performance of the unit and identify areas for improvement
    - Liaise with other departments on impact of changes in seasonal schedule and/or changes in unit movements
    - Prepare and control invoices and manage unit expenditure.

  • Asset Manager

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is looking for a Asset Manager.

    Job Objective
    Overall responsibility and accountability for the Safety, Operational and Commercial performance of designated Assets under the control of our client whilst working towards the high level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) statements within the Business Plan.

    Tasks and Responsibilities
    • Contacting and liaising with regard to all issues with external clients for the designated installations.
    • Establishing and maintaining the asset business plan for their asset.
    • Preparing and maintaining the asset budgets.
    • Approving purchase/service orders and invoicing within agreed authority levels and for agreeing and implementing the asset budgets.
    • Maintaining the operational procedures and instructions required to accomplish the production programme for the asset.
    • Developing the Asset maintenance strategy for nominated offshore installations.
    • Advising on any analysis and modification required with regards the Maintenance Management System.
    • Implementing the Asset HSEQ Plan system in relation to the asset.
    • Reviewing and authorising proposed modifications to the offshore asset.
    • Analysing and monitoring offshore operations by means of suitable reporting.
    • Arranging and chairing weekly meetings of the support team.
    • Maintaining co-operative working relationships and encouraging a focused ‘team’ approach by promoting good communications.
    • Attending daily conference calls with the installations, as and when required.
    • Identifying and setting KPIs for the team to achieve asset objectives within the Business Plan.
    • Ensuring compliance with the Safety Plan.
    • Ensuring the environmental management system is developed and followed and that environmental targets for the asset support group are set and achieved.
    • Informing the Manager Operations, HSEQ Manager and the OIM of surveys/audits to be carried out by external authorities or the client and that actions arising from such events are communicated and achieved.
    • The selection of personnel for the asset group, ensuring that qualifications as stipulated by the terms of contract and company policies are upheld.
    • The specification of training programmes relevant for improving the professional qualifications of asset personnel.
    • Any other duties as may be required.
    • Compliance with and commitment to:
    - Clients Management System
    - Clients Operational Safety Case
    - Clients Environmental Policy and Procedures
    - Company Policies and Procedures
    - The development and review of operational procedures and manuals.

    Emergency Response Duties
    • To perform the role of Duty Manager
    • Member of the Aberdeen Emergency Response Team.

  • Rotating Equipment Specialist

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is looking for a Rotating Equipment Specialist

    Position Summary Responsible for providing maintenance engineering technical support with the primary purpose of increasing rotating equipment reliability. Responsible for over site of preventive maintenance programs for rotating equipment such as pumps, clutches and engines.

    - Provides technical assistance in resolving rotating equipment design, operation and maintenance issues.
    - Ensures rotating equipment is operating within its design parameters.
    - Evaluates reliability issues for rotating equipment repairs and purchases.
    - Develops and reviews rotating equipment specifications and standards for reliability improvement.
    - Reviews new equipment applications, including design and performance characteristics.
    - Builds rotating equipment files in order to provide the most up to date information on existing, new or repaired equipment.
    - Provides recommendations to achieve optimum rotating equipment performance and reliability.
    - Maintains cost justifications for reliability improvement.
    - Assists with designing, implementing and auditing Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Predictive Diagnostic Maintenance (PdM) Programs.
    - Oversee PM06 process for equipment to ensure proper preventive maintenance is performed on schedule.
    - Experience with operation and utilization of laser alignment and vibration equipment and able to interpret and make recommendations from equipment diagnostic results. (Experience with CSI 2150 alignment equipment preferred). Able to train additional personnel on use of such equipment.
    - Experience with all types of alignment process: Rim and face alignment, reverse dial alignments, and laser alignment.
    - Basic knowledge of diesel engines preferred (Caterpillar and Cummins). Basic knowledge on hydraulic clutches, grease and oil motors preferred.
    - Able to direct a union millwright workforce to meet preventive and reactive maintenance activities.
    - Should have knowledge in instrumentation to protect pumps and motors and follow manufacturer recommendations in ensuring such controls are built into HMI/PLC applications to protect equipment by alarms, shutdowns, and trend analysis of such protection parameters.


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