Onshore jobs

Even on dry land, Lowland has various vacancies. These are well-paid jobs, depending on the education and experience of the applicant. These can be in various locations. At this moment we supply personnel to companies such as: QHSE Managers, QHSE Officers, Technical Superintendent, Field Service Engineer, Field Service Mechanic, Mechanics and many more functions besides.

  • Technical Superintendent tankers

    Voor één van onze klanten zijn wij op zoek naar een technical superintendent.
    Je bent verantwoordelijk voor de uitstekende technische en nautische staat van de vloot, zodat de schepen optimaal inzetbaar zijn. Je bent ook verantwoordelijk voor zowel het onderhoud  tijdens scheepsdokking als voor het dagelijks onderhoud. Daarnaast word je betrokken bij de inspectie van nieuwbouw projecten.

    – je geeft technisch advies en technische ondersteuning aan de bemanning van de gastankers
    – je maakt reparatiespecificaties en begeleidt dokkingen en dagelijks onderhoud
    – je controleert het dok- en reparatiebudget en maakt financiële reportages op
    – je onderhoudt contacten, maakt afspraken en onderhandelt met leveranciers en scheepswerven
    – je geeft advies over de technische staat van de schepen en doet aanbevelingen over toekomstige reparaties
    – je voert regelmatig overleg met andere afdelingen over de planning.
    Je kunt aangesteld worden als lid van het Emergency Response Team.

  • Marine Superintendent FPSO

    For one of our clients we are looking for a Marine Superintendent FPSO. You will be responsible for the provision and coordination of marine support to operational and new built FPSO’s and Base Personnel.

    The department you will work for supports both operational and project related activities, all over the globe. The department provides department related knowledge and expertise and takes up leading roles related to all marine and subsea related issues in order to contribute to the realization of the company’s goals and strategy. The department will operate proactively and reactively, fully focused, open minded, communicative and in a driver seat attitude.

    Result areas:
    – Establishes a co-operative working environment within the department and between the department and Asset managers and project teams.
    – Sets and maintains the corporate marine policy.
    – Directs the Marine Supervisors (if contracted).
    – Develops, reviews and maintains the corporate marine manuals.
    – Analyses marine problems on offshore installations and advises offshore and base personnel as required.
    – Provides operational input to tenders and projects involved with the design and development of future F(P)SO’s.
    – Assesses and approves designs and equipment from marine point of view.
    – Participates in HAZID/HAZOP exercises for operational units and new projects and monitors the actual implementation of all recommendations.
    – Carries out marine/safety/DP audits of third party vessels.
    – Provides the interface between the offshore installation, the bases and Engineering Department.
    – Acts as company representative in industry and governmental bodies.
    – Monitors changes in maritime regulations, guidelines and industry standards and promotes and stimulates their adoption both inside and outside the Company, including any marine improvements being developed by the company.
    – Assists/works in rota offshore on board F(P)SOs to back-up regular offshore staff if necessary.
    – Reviews and maintains the certification of the crew of the Munin.
    – Applies for the seaman documents for the crew of the Munin.
    – Is an ad-hoc member of the Emergency Response Organization.

  • Project Manager

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is looking for a Project Manager in the area of Rotterdam.

    After signing, the Contract is assigned to the dedicated Project Manager (PM) who will be responsible and accountable for the safe, overall and timely execution of the Contract, within budget, to the satisfaction of the Client.
    The Project is defined by The Contract and PM will work-out all project details, lead day-to-day project-management, in close communication with the Client, building a long term customer-relations. The PM closely cooperates with SHEQ-Security, Asset manager, Fleet Department and Sales on project preparations and daily coordination assuring compliance with procedures and Clients’ specifications with emphasis on Health, Environment, Safety and Security.
    Project Control is assured by frequent reporting on the basis of proper defined KPI’s.

    Tasks and responsibilities:
    • Monitor and maintain the Safety standard.
    • Monitoring progress and performance to ensure contract compliance.
    • Contract management (focal point for client); meet with client on a regular basis to review progress, communication with legal counsel on contractual items.
    • Maintain KPI’s and monitor customer satisfaction continuously.
    • Maintaining contractual records an document-control (close cooperation with the client).
    • Responsible for the daily/weekly/monthly internal  reporting(significant events).
    • Handle on-going issues with client; discuss challenges and apply change management.
    • Risk management; ensure adherence to broader finance and risk requirements.
    • Monitor transaction compliance (authorize payments/invoicing).
    • Establish/maintain clear scope of authority (communication- and reporting-structure).
    • Develop and improve procedures / monitor procedural compliance.
    • Identify areas for improvement.
    • Support asset manager.


  • Purchaser / spare parts

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is looking for a Purchaser / spare parts in the area of Rotterdam.

    You will be responsible for the procurement process and you will select and purchase the various required materials, equipment and services upon instruction from the various departments. You are to ensure that procurement is performed in the most efficient, effective and cost sensible way, thereby ensuring the quality of the products to be at a level acceptable.

    Tasks and responsibilities:
    • Purchase materials, equipment, supplies and services of vessel, technical materials, equipment and or consumable in accordance with prescribed purchasing regulations and procedures.
    • Reviews and analyzes purchase requisitions, investigates and develops sources of supplies, prepares bid specifications, issues bid requests and reviews quotations.
    • Interprets purchasing procedures to departments and vendors, as a specialist in assigned material categories, which require a degree of technical knowledge.
    • Identifies and selects vendor to procure requisitioned commodities, meeting criteria such as price, quantity, quality and delivery date and places orders.
    • Writes and distributes technical bid invitations or request for proposals; receives and analyzes bids, quotes, proposals and awards the contract.
    • Provide regular reporting on procurement to the Fleet Director and the Management Team.
    • Liaises with the respective site teams on logistics and procurement aspects.

  • Technical Superintendent

    For one of our clients in South Holland we are looking for a Technical Superintendent. You will be responsible for the safety and technical performance of the vessel(s). You will have day-to-day contact with the respective Vessel Management Teams on any issues that occur as well as the daily matters to be addressed, to be action or to be scheduled. You will also be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with the client contacts, crew, Vessel Management Team (VMT), Asset Manager(s) and subcontractors. This to ensure and create an efficient basis for the day-to-day matters, for problem solving or addressing emergency operations.

    Tasks and responsibilities
    • Monitoring vessel(s) performances through vessel reports (DPR), survey and inspection reports, test results, audits etc. and verification by inspection onboard.
    • Providing technical direction and support the Vessel Management Team (VMT).
    • Endeavoring to improve maintenance systems, methods and practices.
    • Monitoring of progress of maintenance and continuous classification programs.
    • Planning and supervision of dry-docking and/or vessel repairs and/or vessel inspections.
    • Responsible and monitoring of validation of vessel and safety certificates.
    • Evaluation of progress and cost (actual and forecast) against budget.
    • Development of proposals for necessary changes-investments for improvements, subject to management approval.
    • Assist on implementation of the Management System (MS) and initiate improvements of the MS through execution of internal audits, evaluations or lessons learned.
    • Providing monthly progress reports to Fleet Director on vessel(s) technical and operational status, actual cost and forecast and providing input of yearly budget.
    • Focal point of contact for technical suppliers.

  • Junior cargo superintendent

    For one of our clients we are looking for a Junior cargo superintendent.

    – Good command of English, written and spoken.
    – Computer literacy, familiar with Microsoft Office, especially Excel.
    – Good interpersonal and communication skills.
    – Good experience with steel cargoes, bulk cargoes, project cargoes.
    – Ability to take responsibility and decision in variable environment.


  • QHSE manager

    Voor één van onze klanten is Lowland op zoek naar een QHSE manager voor het opvolgen van alle kwaliteits – en veiligheidssystemen van de schepen. Het gaat om een walfunctie op een kantoor nabij Antwerpen. Geregeld zijn er ook korte dienstreizen binnen of buiten Europa.

    Concrete taken zijn onder andere:
    – het verrichten van interne audits en inspecties
    – het doorvoeren van risico-analyses en ongevalsonderzoeken
    – het opvolgen van wettelijke normen
    – het geven van trainingen en rapporteren conform de bestaande procedures.


  • Vessel Manager

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is looking for a Vessel Manager. The Vessel Manager is responsible for all day-to-day operational and post-fixing matters for our clients Jack-Up Barges (units). The Vessel Manager reports directly to the Operations Manager.
    Job tasks:
    – Provide tender input as requested by the Commercial Department
    – Familiarise with charter/project requirements and provide input in the unit and project preparations;
    – Issue the Project Summary overview, arrange (in coordination with the Operations Manager) Project Kick Off meetings and weekly Project Update meetings
    – Liaise with the unit on the charter/project preparations and ensure all project procedures and drawings are discussed with the Vessel Management Team before start of a project
    – Perform interdisciplinary checks on unit modifications, project specific and general installation procedures
    – Ensure adequate follow-up of problems encountered by the units offshore
    – Manage port calls and mobilisations of the units in preparation of the offshore execution and manage all onshore support to the units during execution of the offshore work or charter period (including progress reports)
    – Facilitate the constant improvement process on safety behaviour, monitor the safety performance of the unit and identify areas for improvement
    – Liaise with other departments on impact of changes in seasonal schedule and/or changes in unit movements
    – Prepare and control invoices and manage unit expenditure.

  • Asset Manager

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is looking for a Asset Manager.

    Job Objective
    Overall responsibility and accountability for the Safety, Operational and Commercial performance of designated Assets under the control of our client whilst working towards the high level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) statements within the Business Plan.

    Tasks and Responsibilities
    • Contacting and liaising with regard to all issues with external clients for the designated installations.
    • Establishing and maintaining the asset business plan for their asset.
    • Preparing and maintaining the asset budgets.
    • Approving purchase/service orders and invoicing within agreed authority levels and for agreeing and implementing the asset budgets.
    • Maintaining the operational procedures and instructions required to accomplish the production programme for the asset.
    • Developing the Asset maintenance strategy for nominated offshore installations.
    • Advising on any analysis and modification required with regards the Maintenance Management System.
    • Implementing the Asset HSEQ Plan system in relation to the asset.
    • Reviewing and authorising proposed modifications to the offshore asset.
    • Analysing and monitoring offshore operations by means of suitable reporting.
    • Arranging and chairing weekly meetings of the support team.
    • Maintaining co-operative working relationships and encouraging a focused ‘team’ approach by promoting good communications.
    • Attending daily conference calls with the installations, as and when required.
    • Identifying and setting KPIs for the team to achieve asset objectives within the Business Plan.
    • Ensuring compliance with the Safety Plan.
    • Ensuring the environmental management system is developed and followed and that environmental targets for the asset support group are set and achieved.
    • Informing the Manager Operations, HSEQ Manager and the OIM of surveys/audits to be carried out by external authorities or the client and that actions arising from such events are communicated and achieved.
    • The selection of personnel for the asset group, ensuring that qualifications as stipulated by the terms of contract and company policies are upheld.
    • The specification of training programmes relevant for improving the professional qualifications of asset personnel.
    • Any other duties as may be required.
    • Compliance with and commitment to:
    – Clients Management System
    – Clients Operational Safety Case
    – Clients Environmental Policy and Procedures
    – Company Policies and Procedures
    – The development and review of operational procedures and manuals.

    Emergency Response Duties
    • To perform the role of Duty Manager
    • Member of the Aberdeen Emergency Response Team.


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