Onshore jobs

Even on dry land, Lowland has various vacancies. These are well-paid jobs, depending on the education and experience of the applicant. These can be in various locations. At this moment we supply personnel to companies such as: QHSE Managers, QHSE Officers, Technical Superintendent, Field Service Engineer, Field Service Mechanic, Mechanics and many more functions besides.

  • Administratief medewerker

    This vacancy is only available in Dutch Lowland Marine & Offshore is gespecialiseerd in ship, rig en crew management en werving, selectie en detachering van personeel voor verschillende sectoren. Op dit moment zijn wij op zoek naar een Administratief medewerker m/v voor de Hollandse Visveiling IJmuiden B.V. voor 24 uur per week. De Hollandse Visveiling IJmuiden B.V. is één van de werkmaatschappijen van Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. In de visafslag aan de Halkade worden grote hoeveelheden platvis als schol, tong, tarbot, schar en griet en rondvis als kabeljauw en wijting vers aangevoerd, gesorteerd en verkoopgereed gemaakt. De visafslag van IJmuiden maakt gebruik van het Internetveilsysteem PEFA. Dit betekent dat naast de in de mijnzaal aanwezige lokale kopers nog circa 200 kopers online actief zijn op deze kopersmarkt. De functie Je verricht alle administratieve handelingen voor de Hollandse Visveiling IJmuiden BV. zoals de dagelijkse administratieve verwerking van de verkochte vis op de visafslag. Daarnaast breng je de diverse kosten in rekening bij de aanvoerders en kopers en houd je je bezig met de debiteurenbewaking. Bovendien ben je het visitekaartje van het bedrijf omdat je verantwoordelijk bent voor de telefooncentrale en het aanspreekpunt voor bezoekers.

  • Accountmanager Transportonderneming

    This vacancy is only available in Dutch. Voor één van onze klanten zijn wij op zoek naar een Accountmanager. Je taak is het recruiten van chauffeurs in het groot Transport voor een grote account. Taakomschrijving Voor een grote transportonderneming ben je verantwoordelijk voor het optimale contact tussen deze klant en de chauffeurs. Je houdt dagelijks contact met de contactpersonen en je mensen. Je draagt verantwoording af aan de CEO; dit omdat het een zeer grote opdrachtgever is. Je hebt een band met transport, de bedrijfstak en bij voorkeur ervaring in planning.

  • Project Engineer

    For one of our clients, an operator in the Heavy lift market, Lowland Marine & Offshore is looking for a Project Engineer. Tasks and responsibilities: He/she will be part of the engineering team responsible for creating transport and loading manuals for ongoing projects. The activities range from creating drawings to stability calculations and strength assessments.

  • Cargo Superintendent/Port Captain

    This vacancy is only available in Dutch. Voor één van onze klanten zijn wij op zoek naar een Cargo Superintendent/Port Captain. Je bent verantwoordelijk voor het tot in detail voorbereiden van de laad- en los-operaties van de schepen van deze cliënt. Je begeleidt en coördineert deze operaties veelvuldig ter plaatse. De werkzaamheden worden uitgevoerd in nauwe samenwerking met schip, klant en stuwadoor.

  • Route Operations Coordinator

    For one of our clients, Lowland Marine & Offshore is searching for a Route Operations Coordinator. Your job purpose will be: - Streamlining the communication between ship and shore organizations. - Monitoring and advising operational departments to safe guard the routes interests. - Collaborate with local and national authorities to ensure the companies interests. - First point of contact for vessels about port and route related items. - Act as nautical advisor to the shore organization. Job function Principal Accountabilities Communication - Arrange meetings with the supervisors (shore) and officers regularly in order to improve the communication & cooperation between the terminal and the vessels. - Signalize safety and operational problems and provide solutions. - Act as first point of contact for local authorities, in case it’s vessel related. Fleet - Ensure all vessels comply with (local) regulations and certificated requirements. - Manage/maintain instructions for the vessels, routes and terminals. - Familiarize vessel staff with local instructions and rules. - Keeps track of all PEC holders for both NL and UK ports. - Mediate between vessel and terminal. - Support fleet HQ CPH with local operational matters. HSSE - Ensure the vessel operations are in accordance with (local) Health & Safety Legislation and (local) Governmental Security Requirements. - Act as a first mover for safe working practices to ensure all operations are in compliance with (local) HSSE and (local) Quality System policies and procedures. - Assist the organization to ensure that vessels - and local regulations aren’t contradicting each other but complementing each other. Operational Systems - Maintaining and managing the operational systems, if relevant e.g. GTMS. Projects - Work on projects as required by the Route Director Netherlands. - Participate in various cost reduction projects as directed. Vessel Performance - Define and set KPIs to measure and monitor the vessel performance against critical criteria, policy and guidelines. - Report the KPI’s to the Route Director Netherlands. Others - Report all relevant matters to the Route Director Netherlands and make sure that activities are carried out within the defined boundaries and adhering to the rules and regulations. - Propose/suggest/implement improvements and savings in all matters. - Advise on all Nautical matters. The challenge of the job lies in optimizing operational systems to maintain a reliable service, improve the vessel operations, reducing operational costs and all other matters that would allow the company to offer a sustainable competitive (vessel) service to their customers. Secondly, optimizing communication between terminal (shore) and vessel staff. Create a bridge between the Ship and Shore and provide clarification on communication.

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  • Senior QHSE Officer

    For one of our clients, a Dutch shipping company, Lowland Marine & Offshore is searching for a Senior QHSE Officer. In close cooperation with your colleague, you are responsible for implementation, monitoring and maintaining off all procedures and activities needed to remain compliant with all codes and regulations of companies ISM, ISO, and QHSE-system. You have the proper communication skills in which you are able to maintain the good relationship with certifying organizations and involve the companies team if necessary. Responsibilities: • Create and enhance QHSE awareness. • Monitor and implement relevant changes in (inter)national maritime legislation and industry requirements (ISM/ISPS/SOLAS/MARPOL/BWM). • Ensure that (internal) audits in the office and onboard of the vessels are carried out in time and maintain the records, audit reports, certificates and reporting results • Monitor report forms from the vessels, ensuring all required information and data is received from thevessels in a timely manner and at the prescribed frequency. • Record accidents and near misses and advise where these require investigation. • Maintain the departmental records of Incidents, Non-Conformities and Observations. • Monitor the safety and pollution prevention performance of the company’s fleet and ensure that adequate resources and shore-based support are available as required. • If applicable, act as DPA (Designated Person Ashore), CSO (Company Security Officer) and part of the ERT(Emergency Response Team).

  • Dock Technician

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is looking for a Dutch spoken Dock Technician. You will be directly responsible for the overall operational integrity of the ship, with special emphasis on those aspects of the ship's infrastructure that directly impact safe, environmentally sound, reliable and optimized operation. We are looking for someone who can plan, facilitate, implement and direct the infrastructure maintenance, repairs and upgrades in a very dynamic marine logistics environment with very limited or no direction. You will be working 2 months on 2 months off. Duties Responsibilities and Accountabilities * Ensure that all of the ship and associated and relevant terminal policies and procedures are followed paying specific attention to all job scope specific health, environment, safety and security (HESS) guidelines. * Ensure that all local, national and international rules, regulations, guidelines and standards (such as the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals; ISGOTT) are adhered to. * Work collaboratively with the Loading Masters, PICs and all shore based terminal commercial, technical and materials procurement support staff to plan and carryout necessary ship infrastructure improvements. * Supervise all infrastructure improvements. * Provide necessary support to maintain a clean and safe work environment. * Ensure that all items identified and submitted by the ship’s Loading Masters, PICs and one's self, utilizing the client. Exception Reporting Checklist are appropriately reviewed and addressed in a consistent and timely manner. * Make recommendations to Marine Operations Manager for future, for Moorings, Monopile and SPM infrastructure improvements and upgrades. * Be well versed in the terminal's emergency response plans and be prepared to take an active role in any emergency response associated with the ship or as directed. * Perform other duties as required and directed.

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