Offshore jobs

Lowland provides many jobs in the offshore industry. These are well-paid jobs, depending on the education and experience of the applicant, where you can travel around the world. Where and when you work, this is for you to decide. At this moment we supply crew to companies such as: Crane drivers, Drillers, Toolpushers, Derrickmen Offshore Installation Managers, Roustabouts, Roughnecks CO / SDPO, 2 / O DPO with full license, Second Officer / DPO, Chief Officer / DPO, Chief Electrician, Master / CO DPO full license, Captain AHTS, Senior Dynamic Positioning Officer (SDPO), A / B with Tug/Barge experience and many more functions besides.

  • Communication Officer

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is searching for a Communication Officer. The Communication Officer is responsible for the daily operation of all communication and office ICT equipment onboard. The workplace is onboard the vessels.

    Key responsibilities:
    –  proactively contribute to the safety regime on the vessel
    – carry out other related tasks when required by management
    – operate the vessel’s maritime communication equipment
    – operate the vessel’s helicopter communication equipment
    – perform maintenance and repair of internal and external communication equipment (a.o. GMDSS, VSAT, INMARSAT, TVRO, UHF, VHF, PA)
    – performs installation, maintenance and basic repairs of office network equipment and clients in close cooperation with the ICT department ashore
    – perform helpdesk duties for users on board
    – perform function related administrative duties (e.g. POB program, Logbooks, Vingcard, etc).
    – assisting Senior DPO in setting up position reference systems (i.e. DGPS)
    – use the Company’s planned maintenance procedures for planning and registration of activities.

  • Marine Superintendent FPSO

    For one of our clients we are looking for a Marine Superintendent FPSO. You will be responsible for the provision and coordination of marine support to operational and new built FPSO’s and Base Personnel.

    The department you will work for supports both operational and project related activities, all over the globe. The department provides department related knowledge and expertise and takes up leading roles related to all marine and subsea related issues in order to contribute to the realization of the company’s goals and strategy. The department will operate proactively and reactively, fully focused, open minded, communicative and in a driver seat attitude.

    Result areas:
    – Establishes a co-operative working environment within the department and between the department and Asset managers and project teams.
    – Sets and maintains the corporate marine policy.
    – Directs the Marine Supervisors (if contracted).
    – Develops, reviews and maintains the corporate marine manuals.
    – Analyses marine problems on offshore installations and advises offshore and base personnel as required.
    – Provides operational input to tenders and projects involved with the design and development of future F(P)SO’s.
    – Assesses and approves designs and equipment from marine point of view.
    – Participates in HAZID/HAZOP exercises for operational units and new projects and monitors the actual implementation of all recommendations.
    – Carries out marine/safety/DP audits of third party vessels.
    – Provides the interface between the offshore installation, the bases and Engineering Department.
    – Acts as company representative in industry and governmental bodies.
    – Monitors changes in maritime regulations, guidelines and industry standards and promotes and stimulates their adoption both inside and outside the Company, including any marine improvements being developed by the company.
    – Assists/works in rota offshore on board F(P)SOs to back-up regular offshore staff if necessary.
    – Reviews and maintains the certification of the crew of the Munin.
    – Applies for the seaman documents for the crew of the Munin.
    – Is an ad-hoc member of the Emergency Response Organization.


    Reports to the Director of Operations

    Min Qualification: BE in Electrical

    Experience : Minimum 15 years

    Skills (if any) : MS Windows, XP, VISTA, AutoCAD, Excel, MS Access, Power point

    Oversee all aspects of the project using planning, monitoring and controlling processes. Responsible for co-ordination and completion of the project as per schedule.
    Perform a variety of tasks including setting deadlines, assigning responsibilities, and monitoring and summarizing progress of the project.
    Manage and responsible for more than one project at a time.
    Capable/Experienced in Managing contracts, contractual issues & Liaising with client.
    Have handled/handling manpower of over 700 employees.
    Experienced/Involved in executing project with the value of US$ 100 million or above.

  • Construction Manager

    1- Capable/Experienced in Managing contracts, contractual issues & Liaising with client.
    2- By delegation from the Project manager, the Construction Manager has overall responsibility for construction and
    installation execution on projects.
    3- Have handled/handling manpower of over 700 employees.
    4- Experienced/Involved in executing project with the value of US$ 100 million or above.

    Duties & Responsibilities

    • Permanent representative on site with Customer Management.
    • Ensure permanent relationship with Customer representatives on site
    • Prepares the agenda and attends the site management meetings with Customer and / or partners.
    • Lead CAE team at the site co-ordination meetings with Customers representative.
    • Prepare the daily report and attend customer daily progress meeting.
    • Liaises with the Project Manager as necessary and in particular keeps him informed of all problems related to contractual, planning & cost aspects. Reviews such problems with the Project Manager and the Project Control Manager and proposes solutions.
    • Transmits to the Project Manager all reporting data concerning the site activities,
    • Review & approve construction progress reports.
    • Concise weekly report outlining the important events of the period;
    • Co-ordinate with CAE Construction Department’s field representatives on matters pertaining to construction progress and cost.
    • Review and approve schedule and progress reports prepared by planning engineer before issuing to Project Manager.
    • Advise Project Manager of impending schedule slippage or budget overruns and initiate corrective action.

    Work Details
    Working Place: Offshore Island in Abu Dhabi

    Working Timings: 05 months ON followed by 01 month paid OFF/leave
    Working Hours: 07 days a week.

  • Engineers

    For one of our clients we are searching for  Engineers.

    Job requirements:
    – A nautical college degree (MBO or HBO)
    – A valid certificate of competence in accordance with STCW95
    – Minimum of 2 years experience as an engineer on seagoing vessels
    – Solid knowledge of the English and Dutch language, both written and spoken.

    Job tasks:
    The main task of the Engine Room Engineers on board our vessels is to ensure (as a team) a safe operation of the (diesel/electric) power plant, the frequency converter driven thrusters and all associated equipment in accordance with highest standards. The independent execution of watch keeping duties and planned maintenance are of course part of this task.

    We offer a challenging job within a dynamic company with good remuneration and employment conditions as well as an equal time leave schedule (5 weeks on and 5 weeks off).

  • 2nd Officers DPO with DP 2 license

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is urgently looking for several  2nd Officers DPO with Diving support experience.

    Working area will be North Sea and working schedule 4 weeks on 4 weeks off.


  • 3rd Engineers all ships

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is urgently looking for several 3rd Engineers.

    Working area will be North Sea and working schedule 4 weeks on 4 weeks off.


  • Chief Electrician

    Lowland Marine & Offshore is searching for a Chief Electrician with Belgian or Dutch nationality. The Chief Electrician is responsible for the management of all electrical installation and automation systems onboard the Ship. He will manage the day to day activities of all personnel in his department. He ensures that all planned and corrective maintenance, installation of equipment by this department will be carried out in the safest and most efficient manner.

    Key responsibilities:
    – proactively contribute to the safety regime on the vessel
    – carry out other related tasks when required by management
    – managing the maintenance of the electrical installation according AMOS procedures
    – ensures the correct reporting of planned and corrective maintenance in AMOS and reviews the described maintenance on a regular basis
    – ensures the required availability of Electric/Electronic spare parts and the correct reporting through AMOS
    – ensures that all working routines by his department are in compliance with SHL QESH procedures and in line with International working practice
    – coordinates and supports a professional interaction between his department and other departments onboard
    – advices project teams concerning the use and installation of electrical consumers, required onboard on a project basis, during planning, mobilisation and execution stage
    – advices Project teams concerning the use and installation of electronic systems including software based programs, during planning, mobilisation and execution stage
    – reports any situation that can possibly jeopardize the safety of the vessel electric or electronic wise to the Captain and Chief Engineer without delay
    – assist Captain in conducting ‘Master’s review’ in accordance with the ISM code
    – promote HSE awareness and demand an active role in HSE matters by his/her department
    – budget responsibilities TBC.

    5 years


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