Medics offshore jobs

One of Lowlands’ specialties is delivering Offshore Medics and the group has several vacancies for medics in the offshore industry. Again, these are well-paid jobs, depending on the education and experience of the applicant. Where and when you work, this is for you to decide. At this moment we supply medical personnel to companies such as: Medic / nurse on different offshore vessels and drilling rigs, Medics / Safety Officers and other medical functions besides.

  • Medic/nurse on several offshore vessels and drilling rigs

    For details, please contact us.

    1 – 3 years

  • Medic / safety officer

    Provide emergency trauma care, administer pre hospital trauma life support, basic- and advanced life support techniques and primary health care including basic general practitioner tasks for 60 to 120 pob. An autonomous role, involving the planning and execution of all aspects of offshore medical care, occupational health service and safety issues. Liaise with onshore physician for medical advise and medivac. Maintain all relevant medical documentation on all onboard personnel Induct new personnel to vessel, rig or platform safety and emergency instructions Maintain all emergency medical equipment position around the vessel or rig Administrative duties including mailbag handling, typing or reports, updating databases, recording of minutes of meetings, vendor and crew timesheets, rota deviations, helicopter movement planning and crew changes. Maintain material and safety datasheets and disseminate information to onboard personnel. Initiate, inspect, prepare and disseminate findings of weekly hygiene report. Basic computer skills, Word, Excel, Outlook and various special computer programs. Carrying out drinking water sampling in accordance with company rules Contribution to monthly safety meeting on health issues and onboard instructions and education in general hygiene, medical care and instructions to preventive medical problems and advise for a healthy work and living circumstances.

    3 – 5 years


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