Founded in 1993, Lowland International NV is an international shipping company. We provide services for parties in the shipping and offshore industry involved in third-party technical ship management and ship operation. Lowland International operates on behalf of the ship and offshore owners and maintains a large pool of seafarers from 20 different countries.

In several countries, Lowland International supports schools that are specialized in the education of Marine Officers. We serve a specific market for exacting clients. From our offices across 20 countries, we work to fulfill owners’ high expectations globally. With the regulations of the MLC coming into force in 2012, Lowland International NV is ready to provide the shipping and offshore industry with high quality services.

Are you a seafarer from the Baltic States or Russian Federation? To serve you better we have now a special webpage for you: www.lowland.lv. If you want to sail for us, then you are welcome to fill in our application form and send it to us by e-mail. Please attach our standard application form for seafarers or for offshore staff. You can download it, fill it out and attach it as your CV. www.lowland.lv.



T. +31(0)88 55 70 101
F. +31(0)88 55 70 150
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